Conference Papers

Media and American Culture

  • Birmingham, Bill      “The Decline of Legacy Media”
  • Birmingham, Stacy  “Media’s Impact on Women’s Careers in the STEM Disciplines”
  • Edwards                  “The Postman Always Rings True: Amusing Ourselves to Death After Thirty Years”
  • Folkertsma               “Lies, More Lies, and Media Bias”
  • Gordon                     “Media Then and Now”
  • Graham                    “’Prophecy in the News’: Cautionary Tales from Christian Antiquity”
  • Harvey                      “Musing Ourselves to Death, or On the Formation of Poets in the Information Age”
  • Hendrickson             “Anti-Capitalist Bias in the Media”
  • Kemeny                    “To Change the World and the Christian College”
  • Kengor                     “Burn It Down”
  • Miller                        “A History of the Church and Hollywood: Conflicts and Consensus”
  • O’Boyle                    “Slouching Towards Same-Sex Marriage”
  • Potter                       “Full of Sound and Fury” But “Signifying Nothing”? Poetry in a Digital Age
  • Smith                        The Media and Success: Challenging and Changing the American Success Syndrome”
  • Verbois                     “Living and Thriving in a Post-Christian America”
  • Welch                       “The Great (Horse) Race for the White House: How the Media Shape our Presidential Elections”

Family Matters

Faith and Freedom Abused

Citizenship and the American Cause

The Challenge

The Road From Poverty to Freedom