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Lost Religious Liberty Around the World

Lost Religious Liberty Around the World Guest Commentary

Americans take religious liberty for granted. Unfortunately, this most fundamental freedom is not protected in many countries around the world.

Religious liberty is the proverbial canary in the mine. If a state won’t respect this most basic freedom … More>

Christmas Behind Bars

Christmas Behind Bars Guest Commentary

Every time it seems the so-called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is about to join the “world community,” the regime in Pyongyang reminds us of its criminal nature. A North Korean soldier not long ago shot and killed … More>

Law of the Sea Treaty: Faux Fixes and Expansive Liabilities

Law of the Sea Treaty: Faux Fixes and Expansive Liabilities Guest Commentary

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), an omnibus treaty originally blocked by President Ronald Reagan, is back, supported by internationalist activists and profit-minded businessmen. The convention, originally intended to promote large-scale income redistribution to Third World states, … More>

Expanding NATO, Diminishing Security

Expanding NATO, Diminishing Security Guest Commentary

The recent NATO summit convened with Georgia and Ukraine lobbying the alliance to continue its steady eastern march. But this process is undermining, not improving, U.S. security.

Countries that have been variously occupied, partitioned and dominated prefer not … More>

Confronting Chinese History

Confronting Chinese History Guest Commentary

Mao Zedong became the symbol of China’s communist revolution: leading the famed Long March, proclaiming the new People’s Republic of China (PRC), meeting Richard Nixon to open a dialogue between the PRC and America—and killing tens of millions … More>

Confusing Human Right from Wrong

Confusing Human Right from Wrong Guest Commentary

“MATCHING GIFT CAMPAIGN DEADLINE,” headlined the direct mail letter from Amnesty International. Executive Director Larry Cox said, “I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is for Amnesty International to maximize our resources at this critical moment.”

I’ve … More>