Dr. Paul Kengor on “The Mark Levin Show”

“Professor Paul Kengor is a friend of mine … A professor at the great Grove City College.”

—Mark Levin

In case you missed it, Dr. Paul Kengor, executive director of the Center for Vision & Values, was a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program “The Mark Levin Show” on Tuesday July 17, 2018. Levin and Kengor discuss President Donald Trump’s critics over the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

From Levin’s website: “If we look back at history, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sold us out in the Helsinki Accord and his closest advisor Vasili Mitrokhin was a Soviet spy, yet the Democrats love FDR. Ford and Carter also had embarrassing moments with the Kremlin as well. Professor Paul Kengor of Grove City College, weighs in on the historical perspective of the U.S. and Russia. He explains how the Left has always been weak on Russia and sometimes cozy with its communist ideology during the time of the Soviet Union.”

NOTE: Dr. Kengor appears at the 19:55 mark of the show.

Listen Here: