Principles of a Reagan Conservative | Breakthrough Seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center


Reagan(4)“Principles of a Reagan Conservative”

Seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center


This breakthrough seminar is taught by Dr. Paul Kengor of Grove City College. Dr. Kengor is the professor you wish you had on your own campus! He is one of the country’s foremost Reagan scholars and frequent speaker at Young America’s Foundation events. His recent book, 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative, will be the backbone of the “Principles of a Reagan Conservative” course.

The seminar will answer questions such as: What is a Reagan Conservative? What does “peace through strength” mean in the context of a 21st century foreign policy? How did President Reagan’s faith in the Founding Fathers guide his views on policy?

Stream the Seminar Online

Unable to join us in Santa Barbara? The register to participate in our Virtual Schoolhouse for Reaganism. The two-day course will be streamed online, where students will have access to supplementary reading materials, quizzes to track progress, and more. You will receive full access to the course and the same package of supplementary materials that in-person participants receive, including books and study guides/ Online participants can also ask questions during the event through Facbeook, Twitter, and email. Learn the principles of Reaganism from the comfort of your own home!

Student Cost: FREE!

Full-time high school and college students may apply for free online (registration will include textbooks and supplementary materials). Please apply online by August 5, 2015 to receive your registration packet.

Adult Participant Cost: $25

Wish you had learned these lessons while you were in college? Here is your chance! We are please to offer this online course to adult participants. The cost for all non-student participants to cover the materials, textbooks, and registration is $25. Please apply online by August 5, 2015 to receive your registration packet.

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