Morning in America – Paul Kengor and Bill Bennett discuss Planned Parenthood

Click this link to hear Dr. Bill Bennett, President Reagan’s secretary of education, and Dr. Paul Kengor discuss the relationship between President Obama and Planned Parenthood on Bennett’s nationally-syndicated “Morning in America” radio program.

During the interview, Bennett asked Kengor about the significance of abortion revenue to Planned Parenthood’s overall operations. Planned Parenthood does not specifically report its abortion revenue but the organization does note that it performed 333,964 abortions (see page 5) in the 2011-2012 reporting period. The nation’s largest abortion provider charges  $300-$950 for a first trimester abortion and $300-$800 for a medication abortion (abortion pill).  Planned Parenthood reported more than $1 billion in revenue (see page 8) in 2011-2012 with $311.5 million coming from “non-government health services.”