Are There Any Good Colleges Left?

Dear Vision & Values Concise Readers,

Here’s an article by Jennifer Biddison at, the leading source for conservative news and commentary, that gets the story straight about Grove City College. If you know high school students or parents who are interested in Grove City College you may want to forward this piece to them because the information is accurate and the story is good. Biddison is fun to read. Have a great week!

Lee Wishing ’83
Administrative Director
The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College

Lee Wishing

Lee Wishing

Lee S. Wishing, III, is vice president for student recruitment at Grove City College - a national Christian liberal arts & sciences college founded in 1876. Operating without federal funding to preserve liberty of conscience, Grove City College has a high-achieving student body, an exceptional faculty, a top 1% career services office and it is located on a stunning Olmsted campus (Central Park and Yale) an hour north of Pittsburgh, Pa.

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