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V&V Q&A — The Century of Biology and its Ethical Challenges


Editor’s note: Both promising and ethically challenging, a new type of human genome project by the Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology recently made big news in the journal Science and the Washington Post. The Center for Vision & Values spoke with Grove City College biology professor Dr. Jan Dudt about “Human Genome Project—Write.” V&V:… Read more »

STREAMING VIDEO — 2016 — “The Dislocation of Man in the Modern Age:” Wisdom from Walker Percy and Neil Postman

Dr. H. Collin Messer and Dr. Jason Edwards speak during The Center for Vision & Value’s 2016 annual conference “Media and American Culture: How the Church, Ideas, Elites, Social Networks, and Technology Shape Society.”

STREAMING VIDEO — 2016 — The Marginalization of the Mommy Blogger: Explorations of the Digital Media Industry, Gender, and Motherhood

Dr. Felicia Wu Song speaks during The Center for Vision & Value’s 2016 annual conference “Media and American Culture: How the Church, Ideas, Elites, Social Networks, and Technology Shape Society.”

STREAMING VIDEO — 2016 — Morals without Moralizing: Spreading Truth and Faith in Film and Media

Dr. Paul Kengor hosts a round-table that includes Carol Lee Espy, Jim DiSpirito, and Scott Sander during The Center for Vision & Value’s 2016 annual conference “Media and American Culture: How the Church, Ideas, Elites, Social Networks, and Technology Shape Society.”

Alexander Hamilton and American Independence


As we celebrate the 4th of July, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical “Hamilton” is lionizing the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton. “Hamilton” won 11 Tony Awards, including best musical, a Grammy Award for best musical theater album, the Pulitzer Prize for drama, and the Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History. “Hamilton” is likely… Read more »

Trump vs. Reagan: Unprincipled vs. Principled


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at In my previous piece in this series, I quoted a Ronald Reagan speech to CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, from February 6, 1977, where Reagan defined conservatism. Among his crucial points in that speech—a point he would reiterate for years to come—is that conservatism was an… Read more »

The Incredible Hopelessness of America’s Gun “Conversation”


For millennia, the ability to interpret hieroglyphics had been lost to the ages. So when Jean-Francois Champollion decoded the Rosetta Stone it was a monumental breakthrough. Since then, a “Rosetta Stone” has come to refer to anything that offers a roadmap for understanding the indecipherable. Today’s political landscape is rife with puzzles and paradoxes in… Read more »

The Truth About Socialism: The Venezuelan Disaster


Many Millennials are finding socialism attractive—at least as presented by Bernie Sanders. This is perplexing because there is ample and dramatic evidence of how a full-fledged socialist state fails its own citizens so miserably. Witness Venezuela. Fifteen years under socialist Hugo Chavez followed by three years under his socialist successor, Nicolas Maduro, have left the… Read more »

Trump vs. Reagan: What is a Conservative?

Read: Trump vs. Reagan: What is a Conservative?

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at Many of Donald Trump’s supporters have compared him to Ronald Reagan. It is quite instructive that Trump himself picked up the 1980 Reagan campaign slogan, “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Trump speaks positively of Ronald Reagan, and, like Reagan, claims to be a conservative. “Of course Trump… Read more »

Hiroshima: Obama vs. Truman


President Obama’s address at Hiroshima, Japan on May 27 provides us with a good opportunity to examine his foreign policy attitude and contrast it with the views of one of America’s most courageous war-time presidents—Harry S. Truman. This exercise has three steps: a look at Obama’s thought, a briefer summary of Truman’s views, and then… Read more »

More than Ever, We Need Each Other


My heart aches over the stories I hear about heroin overdoses. Local fathers post stories about their sons and daughters, fatal victims of the heroin market. Police conduct raids. The illegal marketing demand continues to fund Afghanistan poppy farmers. Other illegal drug markets cause societal issues, as meth labs contaminate homes and acreage. A house… Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Church Problem


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in Crisis magazine. The 2016 presidential race, like all presidential races, has raised questions and controversies regarding the religious faiths of the candidates. Donald Trump’s beliefs have been questioned, as were Ted Cruz’s. And trying to pin down Bernie Sanders’ views on God is very difficult…. Read more »

Better Homes and Guardians


Five score and two years ago, Robert Frost wrote “Mending Wall,” a poem seeking to extract wisdom from stony New England soil. It begins: “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” While he didn’t have Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric in mind, our former poet laureate expressed the fundamental concern of our modern age. If we’re all members… Read more »

Vietnam in the Rear View Mirror


There were 2,709,918 Americans who served in the Vietnam War. Of that number approximately 850,000 are alive. The youngest is 54. Because there were senior officers and non-commissioned officers in Vietnam who fought in World War II, the oldest are past the century mark. Forty-two years ago the last American serviceman, probably a U.S. Marine,… Read more »

Trump’s Revised Tax Plan: Will it be Acceptable to Conservatives?


Now that Donald Trump has locked up the Republican nomination, we can look more closely at his policy proposals. In April, when the two candidates were still battling for the Republican nomination, I compared Donald Trump’s tax plan to Ted Cruz’s plan. Now the important question is how does Trump’s plan compare with Hillary Clinton’s… Read more »