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Negative Interest Rates: A Brilliant Concept!


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at I have to admit that initially I was uninterested, even close-minded, about the negative yield being offered on a growing share of European sovereign debt. “It must be a short-term aberration,” I thought at first. “Completely nutso,” I sniffed dismissively as the phenomenon spread. “Who in their… Read more »

The Inauguration of The Honorable Paul J. McNulty ’80 the Ninth President of Grove City College


The Honorable Paul J. McNulty ’80 is a former U.S. Deputy Attorney General and partner in the global law firm Baker & McKenzie. He oversaw the prosecution of terrorists in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, set policy for prosecuting corporate fraud and is considered a leading expert on business ethics, corporate governance and… Read more »

Hollywood’s Blacklist and Agents of Stalin—and Hitler


Few subjects have been as addled, muddled, and befuddled as the issue of communist penetration of the American film industry. Thanks to liberals and their control of Hollywood, media, and academia, the typical take is that Hollywood in the 1940s was graced by a bunch of good-hearted “progressives” looking to make nice movies and a… Read more »

V&V Q&A – “Religion in the Oval Office”


Editor’s note: The “V&V Q&A” is an e-publication from The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. In this latest edition, professor of political science and executive director of the Center—Dr. Paul Kengor—interviews the chair of the history department at Grove City College and fellow for faith and the presidency with The Center… Read more »

Great Expectations?


“If your children are no better than you are, you have fathered them in vain, indeed you have lived in vain.” -Solzhenitsyn from “Cancer Ward” Actually, I am not satisfied merely if my children are better than I am, for I have set that bar rather low. At the very least, my goal is that… Read more »

A Golden Anniversary of Bad Decisions


“A Great nation cannot wage a little war.” –Duke of Wellington to Parliament, 1838 In September 1964, shortly after Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorizing President Lyndon Johnson to conduct military operations against North Vietnam, the administration tasked the departments of defense and state for military options. The recent stalemate in Korea warned… Read more »

Grove City College: A Rarity in Higher Education


In 1965, Russell Kirk, a man of letters and conservative commentator, wrote an essay entitled “The Rarity of the God Fearing Man.” He lamented the fact that we as creatures generally no longer take our Creator-God seriously enough to have a proper reverential fear of Him. He observed that sadly, God-fearing men were a diminishing and “scattered… Read more »

Men Like Stan Evans


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at The American Spectator. “I need to call Stan,” I told my kids as I dropped them off. It was Sunday, which was always a good day to reach Stan Evans. When he needed me, he usually called on Sunday evenings. And when Stan wanted to talk, he kept… Read more »

Attacks on Scott Walker Remind of Reagan


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at The American Spectator. As soon as a conservative Republican emerges as a serious presidential frontrunner, liberals in the media suddenly yank out the microscopes they’ve been keeping away from Barack Obama since 2007. They could care less what Obama did in college, how he got into college, who… Read more »

Memories of M. Stanton Evans


Journalist M. Stanton Evans passed away at the age of 80 on March 3. Calling him “journalist,” while accurate, isn’t quite adequate. Yes, he became the youngest editor of a major metropolitan daily newspaper when named editor of The Indianapolis News at age 26, and later founded the National Journalism Center in Washington that trained… Read more »

Does the Faith of Presidents Matter?


Last month we celebrated the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two presidents whose deep but somewhat unconventional faith has evoked great debate. Does the faith of presidents truly matter? Does it significantly affect how they think, live, and govern?  Concluding that it does not, most biographers have treated presidents’ religious convictions as no more… Read more »

American Crusades and Existential Threats


“The logical end of a war of creeds is the final destruction of one.” –T.E. Lawrence Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 5, President Barack Obama cautioned against judging recent barbaric attacks by ISIS as unique to Islam. He pointed to (among other things) depredations committed by Crusaders over 900 years ago. Despite… Read more »

The FCC versus Internet Freedom


Earlier this month, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that its five commissioners will conduct a vote on February 26 to decide whether to grant itself the authority to regulate the Internet under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. It’s highly likely the FCC will give itself this new power. Lawsuits are certain to… Read more »

Here’s the Guy Rudy Is Talking About: Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party no. 47544


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at The American Spectator. Rudy Giuliani is being roundly criticized for several recent statements he has made about President Barack Obama, including the claim that Obama in his youth was influenced by a literal communist. I cannot address all of Giuliani’s remarks, but I can certainly speak to the… Read more »

“It Was a Real Killing Field”—Remembering Iwo Jima


On February 19, 1945, 20-year-old Bill Young of Mooresville, North Carolina, disembarked an LST on a miserable hunk of black rock called Iwo Jima. He was part of a 75-mile-long convoy of ships preparing to dislodge the Japanese from this volcanic remnant of an island. The territory was formally part of Japan, meaning it was… Read more »

STREAMING VIDEO – 2015 – Ninth Annual Ronald Reagan Lecture


In the Ninth Annual Ronald Reagan Lecture, “Reagan for the Millennials,” best-selling Reagan biographer and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College, Paul Kengor, interviews two special guests: Andrew Coffin ’98, Young America’s Foundation vice president and director of the Reagan Ranch, and Ashley Pratte, former spokeswoman for Young… Read more »

Presidents Day Reflections: James Madison and the War of 1812


Presidents Day reflections typically commemorate the exploits of two of our larger than life chief executives whose birthdays we celebrate in February—George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. This piece instead assesses the contributions of a different American colossus—James Madison—and examines the War of 1812 as we observe the 200th anniversary of the treaty that ended the conflict,… Read more »

2016: Super Primary? A Bad Idea


After losing New Hampshire, Florida, and Illinois, the presidential candidate limped along with declining support and amid calls for his withdrawal from the race. He was short of funds with a thin organization. He was a beleaguered candidate. Then came the Republican primary in North Carolina, where that candidate, Ronald Reagan, defeated the incumbent president,… Read more »

The Future of War


“We have tried since the birth of our nation to promote our love of peace by a display of weakness. This course has failed us utterly.” &endash;Gen. George C. Marshall, 1945 War remains, as a Prussian general defined it nearly two centuries ago, the use of force to compel the enemy to do your will…. Read more »

The Future of War

“We have tried since the birth of our nation to promote our love of peace by a display of weakness. This course has failed us utterly.” -Gen. George C. Marshall, 1945 War remains, as a Prussian general defined it nearly two centuries ago, the use of force to compel the enemy to do your will…. Read more »

Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast Remarks: Let’s Have a Different Conversation


At the National Prayer Breakfast last week, 52 of the 2,878 words spoken by President Barack Obama set off a firestorm in the world of journalism and social media. Many conservative Christians were offended by his contention that the actions of Christians in fighting the Crusades, conducting the Inquisition, and justifying slavery and Jim Crow… Read more »

Giving Workers Freedom to Work More Hours by Rolling Back Obamacare


Unemployment has been falling but the number of Americans not working—or working fewer hours—has remained stubbornly high since 2008. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare,” is part of the reason for this. By requiring businesses with more than 50 full-time workers to provide health insurance to those workers, the ACA encourages small… Read more »