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America Visits Pluto


In 1989, America’s Voyager 2 spacecraft performed a reconnaissance flyby of Neptune, the distant ice giant planet that orbits about three billion miles from the sun. I was in graduate school then, and I stayed up all night watching PBS’s “Neptune All Night” broadcast of the images being sent from Voyager as it swept past… Read more »

Bernie Sanders’ America


The raucous welcomes and thundering applause that have greeted America’s newest (and oldest) political rock star, the septuagenarian Bernie Sanders, have launched a cottage industry of puzzled pundits trying to figure out the source of his appeal. Of course it’s his ideas, his supporters have insisted, perhaps as well as his presentation style, which issues… Read more »

Cherry-Picking Pope Francis


While papal visits to the United States are increasingly common, what is uncommon is to see political-ideological battle lines drawn around a pope. The tendency this time is especially acute among liberals, who eagerly frame Francis as one of them—a categorization Francis has resisted. “I’m sure that I haven’t said anything more than what’s written… Read more »

Remembering Yogi Berra, Baseball Player Extraordinaire … and Economic Philosopher


The word “icon” is overused these days, but it surely applies to Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra, who passed away yesterday at age 90. His playing career was iconic, and he transitioned into a cultural icon in his role as amateur philosopher and author of droll malapropisms. Yogi was a key part of the New York… Read more »

Was Margaret Sanger a Racist?


When I write about Margaret Sanger’s May 1926 speech to the women’s chapter of the KKK in Silverlake, New Jersey—as I did again recently—liberals get upset. They accuse me of distortion and even making up the whole thing. Many of them cannot find it within themselves to condemn this sordid moment. One writer in the… Read more »

The Federal Reserve Parking Lot


Recent commentary by David Stockman, former Reagan Administration budget chief, is timely for investors because it focuses on the Federal Reserve’s internal debate about “policy normalization” in advance of Wednesday’s important Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Stockman argues that the Fed’s desire to raise rates, first, followed by actions to shrink its balance sheet (allowing… Read more »

Resting Place of a Humble Man


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at The American Spectator. William P. Clark died two years ago last month. When he passed, I wrote a tribute at The American Spectator, aptly titled “Bill Clark’s Divine Plan.” For those unfamiliar with Judge Clark, he was, simply put, Ronald Reagan’s architect for the takedown of the Soviet… Read more »

Queen Elizabeth: Long May She Reign


Barring the unexpected, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 9, 2015, will become the longest reigning British monarch, overtaking Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901. These historic 63-year reigns are separated by four kings who reigned for a combined total of only 51 years. The majority of people living today have never experienced the… Read more »

Black Pastors Protest Margaret Sanger at Smithsonian


Margaret Sanger is a saint in the feminist church. She is a charter member of the progressive hall of fame. Liberals revere this woman who preached “race improvement” and denounced what she called “human weeds,” “morons,” “idiots,” “imbeciles,” and the “dead weight of human waste.” Hillary Clinton glows that she is “in awe of” Sanger…. Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s “New College Compact” Raises An Important Question: Did She Ever Take Econ 101?


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at Today’s version of “a chicken in every pot” is Hillary Clinton’s proposed plan to “make college affordable and available to every American.” This is political catnip, pure and simple. And it is a more delusory form of catnip than Herbert Hoover’s “chicken,” for while everybody needs enough… Read more »

Defining the Waters of the United States – Déjà vu all over again?


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers have released their final rule defining what they believe constitutes “waters of the United States.” This effort, in their own terms, is to provide clarity on what constitutes waters of the United States, and to protect streams and wetlands that we depend on for… Read more »

V&V Flashback | Patton, Ike, and My Teenage Boys


Editor’s note: Last week the world lost a brave soldier, a champion for veterans, and a friend to the Center for Vision & Values. As a tribute to Staff Sgt. Frank Kravetz, the Center is reprinting this article from 2013. Students and guests at Grove City College were privileged to hear Frank tell his remarkable… Read more »

The “Not Enough Jobs” Scenario: An Economic Fallacy (But Possibly an Accurate Forecast)


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at Once again, a scholar with impressive credentials is broadcasting the gloomy notion that Americans face a job-poor future. The insufficient-jobs scenario appeared in George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen’s book “Average Is Over” a couple of years ago. It resurfaced again recently in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Vivek… Read more »

STREAMING VIDEO | 2015 | Aaron Burr: Foundered Father


Richard G. Jewell ’67, president emeritus of Grove City College, discusses the life of Aaron Burr before more than 140 guests at the March 17, 2015 American Founders Luncheon in Pittsburgh. From the chief collection of those who founded America and became her initial leaders, none are more vilified than Aaron Burr. Throughout his career… Read more »

Principles of a Reagan Conservative | Breakthrough Seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center

  “Principles of a Reagan Conservative” Seminar at the Reagan Ranch Center   This breakthrough seminar is taught by Dr. Paul Kengor of Grove City College. Dr. Kengor is the professor you wish you had on your own campus! He is one of the country’s foremost Reagan scholars and frequent speaker at Young America’s Foundation events. His… Read more »

You Can Trust Scientific Research Reports (We Think; We Hope)


A recent story in the Chronicle of Higher Education suggests that Michael LaCour, a UCLA graduate student, has fabricated data for another journal article. Science magazine has retracted the article, due to “the misrepresentation of survey incentives, the false sponsorship statement, and Mr. LaCour’s inability to produce original data.” Unfortunately, this is only the latest… Read more »

Is Obama to Blame for Weak Economic Growth?


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at A political science colleague sent me an article documenting President Obama’s dismal economic record, and he asked me for added details and perspective. Here goes: True, economic growth under Obama has been sluggish, fitful, faltering, historically weak, etc. However, if you look at the charts in the… Read more »