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In Memoriam: John Blundell (1952-2014)

July 23, 2014 | by | Topic: The Path to Freedom

John Blundell, a champion of liberty—and a friend of The Center for Vision & Values—passed away on July 22, 2014.

“John had much still to contribute,” said Dr. Paul Kengor, executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. “He … More>

KAL 007 and MH17 … A Presidential Response

July 21, 2014 | by | Topic: The American Story, The Content of Character, The DNA of Greatness, The Global Challenge, The Path to Freedom

Editor’s note: A longer version of this article first appeared at The American Spectator.

This generation has its KAL 007. The stunning downing of Malaysian flight 17 is strikingly similar to the shock of September 1, 1983, when the Russians … More>

STREAMING VIDEO – 2014 – Economic Freedom in the Early American Tradition: The Economic Thought of the Founders

July 18, 2014 | by | Topic: American Founders Luncheon Series Lectures, Streaming Video, The American Story

Dr. Shawn Ritenour, professor of economics at Grove City College, speaks before more than 120 guests at the American Founders Luncheon Series in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 3, 2014.… More>

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