Descendants of America’s Eugenic Past

As of this morning, Angie Jackson’s RU-486 induced abortion has been viewed on YouTube more than 140,000 times. She said she filmed herself in the midst of an RU-486 abortion to demystify the procedure. Four weeks pregnant, she signed off saying, “I hope everyone has a great and godless day. Peace.”

Developed in 1980 by the French pharmaceutical firm Roussel Uclaf, RU-486 is the early name for mifepristone, which is taken in pill form to induce abortion up to nine weeks following a woman’s last menstrual cycle prior to conception. Mifepristone accounts for approximately 2.5 million abortions in China each year. With aid from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Chinese firm Hua Lian Pharmaceutical Company upgraded its production facilities and won U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in 2000 to sell the drug in the United States. The non-profit Population Council Inc., founded by John D. Rockefeller III in 1952, licenses Danco Laboratories to distribute mifepristone in the United States as Mifeprex.

According to Jackson’s YouTube video, she received help from Planned Parenthood in obtaining her RU-486 abortion. A federal aid recipient, Planned Parenthood calls these “medication abortions” and has a web page featuring a video with soothing music to describe the procedure. Jackson said, “I want people to know that it’s out there, that if you need this, there’s non-surgical options available especially in the earliest stage of pregnancy.”

Thanks to an Obama administration order last week, a non-surgical option will now be available on all U.S. military bases at taxpayer expense in the form of the “morning after pill,” which keeps a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus. Opponents fear this is a slippery slope toward eventually providing RU-486 abortions on military bases.

The Rockefeller Foundation, the Population Council, and Planned Parenthood have long been associated with progressive policy-making going back to the eugenics movement (i.e. efforts to improve the “quality” of the human population through efforts like involuntary sterilization). Following World War II and the revelation of Hitler’s horrific eugenics activities, the U.S. eugenics movement shifted focus. In “Morons, Imbeciles, and Idiots: A History of Modern Eugenics,” a paper submitted foran upcoming conference at Grove City College,” Dr. Jason Edwards wrote, “[I]t is worth noting at least two contemporary arenas linked to America’s eugenic past: the modern birth control movement and genetics.” Obama’s order is a descendant of America’s eugenic past.

So too is Angie Jackson, who calls herself “Angie the Anti-theist.” Please pray for her.