Unique Resource for Youth Struggling with Homosexuality Released During Marriage Protection Week, October 12-18

A groundbreaking new faith-based resource combining original musical and spoken word tracks for high school students, college students and young adults wrestling with homosexual issues, as well as their counselors, is being released during Marriage Protection Week, October 12-18. The 14-track CD provides answers to difficult questions in a compassionate, inspirational and educational format that is easily accessible via the Internet.

It is produced by noted sexual orientation researcher, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, and features former homosexuals Noe’ Gutierrez, Stephen Bennett, Jeralee Smith and award winning recording artist Sonia Vannest.

The narrative advises against declaring a gay or lesbian identity during adolescence and provides balanced information about sexual orientation that is not often reported in the popular media. The text of the CD was written by Warren Throckmorton, Ph.D., one of the leading writers and researchers in the field of sexual orientation and features Gutierrez and Smith talking about their stories of change from gay to straight. The CD also features music by Vannest, Bennett and Throckmorton. The Truth Comes Out is available through www.mp3.com/truthcomesout and www.truthcomesout.com.

Prior to forsaking homosexuality, Gutierrez was one of the featured speakers in the video It’s Elementary. This video created by Women’s Educational Media has been shown in schools all over the world as a means of introducing homosexuality to children as young as elementary school. Mr. Gutierrez renounced a gay identity several years ago and tells his story of change on this CD.

Bennett is one of the foremost spokesmen for former homosexuals in the nation today. He is the host of the daily syndicated radio show Straight Talk and he is a popular music artist.

Concerned about homosexuality education in the public education arena, Smith has lobbied the National Education Association for recognition of former homosexuals, known as ex-gays, in sexual educational materials.

Throckmorton is one of the country’s leading authorities on the flexibility of sexual orientation. His research has been published in journals of the American Psychological Association, the American Mental Health Counseling Association and the Christian Association for Psychological Studies. His prior spoken word CDs, Straight Talk and Straight Talk II are in the top ten best selling spoken word CDs on mp3.com, the leading Internet music-hosting site. He produced the Truth Comes Out and is directing the Truth Comes Out Project.

Sonia Vannest is a rising star in the Christian music world. She contributed two songs to Truth Comes Out, one of which, “You Are My Life” won the Gospel Music Association’s Songwriting Contest in 2002.

The Truth Comes Out Project is a new effort to provide factual and balanced information concerning sexual orientation directly to youth through the Internet and CDs. Written materials for youth leaders, youth groups and churches are in development and will complement this new CD resource. A secondary focus is to provide a clearinghouse of factual and balanced information for the media and other sources.

The project developer, Warren Throckmorton, can be contacted at (724) 458-3787 or [email protected] and is available for interviews and comment concerning this new project.